Case Study

Case Study Results: Nonprofit Donor Scoring

Three months ago, we delivered our first predictive scoring model for a nonprofit theatre company in New York City. As is the case with predictions, it’s hard to assess the success of your work at the time of delivery. So, we planned to check in three months later to assess the accuracy and impact of the work.

Last week we reviewed the donor activity over the past three months, and the results were compelling. You can read the full case study here, but to recap, we took their list of 10,000 records and targeted the top 2,700 potential donors who had never donated before, but showed potential to do so. These were then ranked according to likelihood to donate.

The Measurable Impact 

Over the past quarter, nearly a third of all donors to the organization were first-time donors that were ranked above 45% likely to donate. As is typical of new donors, these individuals gave less, on average, than prior donors, so the amount of their donation amounted to 10% of the donations attracted over the past quarter.

These first time donations provide a substantial foundation for organizational growth. Our model shows that once a donation is made the likelihood they give again at a higher amount increases.

We are now working with organizations to begin taking these initial findings and building on them with new, automated engagement techniques.

More to come about that soon...