Customized Data Science for When You Want to Go Further

Sometimes you need a little bit more. That's why we have The Insights + Response Lab.

If you can't find what you need in our pre-configured Answer Modules, consider talking with someone in our Insights + Response Lab. We develop custom models and experiments that help organizations dig deeper into their data, discover valuable insights about their services and customers, and deploy these findings through creative, complex campaigns. 

We're ready to help you discover new worlds, and can't wait to go there with you.

Here are a few of the custom Lab services we offer...


5-Layer Persona Segments

You need to segment your audience base to speak to them effectively. It's easy to group by demographics, but that may lead to wrong-headed assumptions that don't predict behavior. Our 5-Layer Persona model combines as many as five different data types to create a rich, nuanced portrait of each relevant market segment, including:

  1. Internal Marketing & Operations Data
  2. External Industry & Market Data
  3. Social Media Data
  4. Survey & Questionnaire Data
  5. Interview & Focus Group Data

Because these personas include both existing customer data and wider-industry information, we are able to calculate a current customer value, and estimate the opportunity that exists in the wider population.


Customer Journey Atlas

More than just a journey map, which only plots customer interactions by time and point of engagement, our Customer Journey Atlas, provides a full look at customer experience at each stage of their relationship with your organization.

The Journey Atlas includes:

  • A description of the job that the customer is “hiring” your organization to do
  • Key value-add/value-loss points throughout the customer journey
  • Customer stories and feedback from each customer journey stage to provide relatable context to crucial engagement points

Customer Value TRACKING Dashboard

Stay up to date with how marketing activities and customer experience optimization is benefitting the organization.

By combining findings from the 5-Layer Persona Segments and the Customer Journey Atlas, we can calculate a total customer experience value, and the areas where that customer experience value is enhanced or reduced given the current set of measurable and estimated touchpoints.

This allows you to integrate data systems and track changes to overall customer value in real-time.


Audience Engagement Matrix

This is an action plan that identifies when you should speak to key segments and the message or interaction that you should deliver to enhance their experience and grow their relationship with your organization.


gain a deeper understanding of your key audiences.