Our Leadership Team


A creative director, marketing strategist, and data scientist walk into a bar…

That’s not quite the way it happened, but the punchline is we started a company to make data analytics more accessible for everyone.

Darien Bates | FOunding Principal, Strategy

What he’s done

Formerly the Director of Marketing Innovation and Insights at Promontory Interfinancial Network, Darien has nearly 15 years of experience in communications, pushing for advanced marketing strategies and techniques with customers in financial services, healthcare, education, nonprofits, and the arts, thriving in the agency environment, as an entrepreneur, and leading corporate digital marketing strategies.

What he'll do for you

Darien makes sure that the findings the team delivers are relevant, actionable, and actually help you solve your business goals.


Justin Underwood | Founding Principal, Data Science

What he’s done

Most recently Senior Data Scientist and Analytics Consultant at Accenture, Justin has worked for some of the largest and most advanced management consulting companies in the world leading teams in developing end-to-end customized, enterprise level analytics and business intelligence solutions focused on marketing, sales and operations

What he'll do for you

Justin makes sure that data insights and deliverables are grounded in a foundation of strong data science.


Jerry Marsini | Founding Principal, BrandING

What he’s done

In over two decades as a creative professional in NYC, Jerry has worked on strategic positioning and marketing campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Body Shop, HBO, Scudder Investments, Chase, Delta, Seagram’s, Svedka, and Ann Taylor.

What he'll do for you

Jerry makes sure that findings are presented intuitively and can be understood, from your C-Level to your Service-Level

Advisory Board

Datileo's advisory board consists of experts in machine learning, software development, business strategy, data analytics, sociology, statistical analysis, and ethnography.

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