Enough with the charts. It's time for action.

Walt Disney famously said “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Nowhere is that more true than with data. There's a reason the term “paralysis by analysis" was coined. 

But using data doesn't have to mean staring at page after page of charts or sitting through hours of strategy meetings. Datileo takes the constant stream of data that is running through your organization's business systems and transforms it into action using predictive data science, powerful automation, and compelling creative. 

And we can get your organization started in less than two weeks.

Here's how we do it...


1. Hassle-Free Setup

You don't have time to set up yet another system. With Datileo you don't have to.

Our setup team works directly with you or your system administrator to connect Datileo to your existing business systems, including your email service, CRM, inventory system, shopping cart account, and others. No need to waste valuable staff time configuring systems.


2. Pick an Answer That Fits Your Business TYpe and Goals

Your business is unique. But that doesn't mean you reinvent the wheel for everything. Datileo provides businesses with tried and true methods for achieving their most important business goals, including acquiring new customers, increasing customer activity, and improving customer retention. All you have to do is select your business category and business type, and then pick from the available Answer Modules. 


3. Set Your Engagement Journey

Select from a list of potential customer journeys that can be automatically triggered from your Answer Module. Focus on a single channel or engage across a range of channels, including email, online advertising, and direct mail. Add testing options, and the journeys will optimize to changes in your customer interest.


4. Press Play

It's as simple as that. Let us, and your data, do the rest.

Start Acting on your data now